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Building on Travco Group’s 42 years of success in Tourism and Hospitality, Travco Properties is the real estate development arm of the group. Leveraging on Travco Group’s strategic land bank of 16 million square metres, Travco Properties developed part of 6.5 Million square meters situated on the clear coast of Marsa Matrouh, accommodating its flagship project, Almaza Bay. Its main goal is to introduce a new perspective to mixed-use developments by developing alternative, progressive, urban and beach communities.

Travco Properties was established in 2014 and launched its flagship project, Almaza Bay. It instantly became a trend setter on Egypt’s North Coast. Building towards the goals of its master plan, coupled with the success of this development, Travco Properties continuously strives to achieve its future expansion plans and proudly introduces its newest project at Ras Soma.

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Nature’s palette. #AlmazaBay…

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A cool dip after this…

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Happy to host such an…

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One day until @befit.360 kick…

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